Why Choose Therapy


Why choose therapy?

Many people enter psychotherapy when they feel stuck, or blocked in their forward movement. A couple can get stuck when repetitive hurtful patterns of interacting begin to undermine trust and intimacy. Divorce affects everyone in a family, and moving forward has different emotional challenges for each family member.

At any age, dealing with physical illness can abruptly change ones’ vision of themselves and the trajectory of their life. For instance, I have worked with people as they cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis.

In this situation I draw on my own experience as a cancer survivor. This experience has made me sensitive and knowledgeable about what patients and their loved ones face when confronting cancer and treatment decisions.

Is there a right time?

There is no wrong time, but most people consider therapy at times of emotional pain and stress. Whether it’s a problem in the workplace, in school, or at home, the difficulties you are experiencing, or that you observe in a family member, may be expressed variously as depression, anger, social isolation, low self-esteem, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or grief, all of which bring people into psychotherapy.  And all of which, I am here to help you overcome.

Embracing change

A guiding principle for me is that life is a continual process of change. We are challenged by change, and must adapt to keep moving forward.

While it may seem daunting at times, the ability to effectively confront and, eventually, embrace change is essential to a full engagement with our lives.

When I work with you in psychotherapy I may teach a skill, but there is more to psychotherapy than learning a new technique. Making deeper changes to underlying issues requires the confidence to use one’s inner strength. Helping you find and own your strength enables therapeutic healing, leads to meaningful change and results in personal satisfaction.