Welcome to the practice of Morgan Murray PhD

I’m Morgan Murray, a psychologist and psychotherapist with many years of experience working with both children and adults. If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first important step when considering to enter psychotherapy.  It’s a pivotal decision, and one that can cause some anxiousness.  It may be a vulnerable time in your life, or the life of your child.  In my role as a therapist, right from the first session, I want you to feel safe as you begin to share your concerns.

As I meet with you, or members of your family, I work to develop a thorough understanding of the unique circumstances that have led up to your decision, so the therapeutic plan that is formulated will address your needs. As your psychologist, I provide support and guidance as we work together to establish goals. Since it is a working relationship, I encourage a strong connection based on trust. Trust is important because there are many things that can make it difficult, confusing and, at times, even painful as you face the demands of changing life circumstances.